Supporting documents


The resources taken into consideration are mostly the tax income appearing on the tax notice of the student’s parents or guardians as well as, if/where required, the income received aboard.

The resources taken into account are the ones from 2012 for the 2014-2015 university year, with some exceptions. You must send the copy of the tax notice referring to the income received by your parents, guardians or by your husband or wife in case of separate tax return.

Foreign candidates: the parents must send a declaration on their honor indicating that they receive or don’t receive income aboard and, if/where required, the amount of this income.

Divorced parents: copy of the divorce decree certificate leaving the student with one of the parents and setting the child support. For lack of child support, the tax notice (or tax exemption notification) of the other parent has to be attached to the file.


Copy of the school enrollment proof of the candidate and, if/where required, of the siblings studying in a higher education institution.


  • Candidate who has a refugee status: certificate from the OFPRA (French Office for the right of asylum)
  • Candidate who was welcomed under the children social assistance: certificate from the competent organization
  • Candidate who is registered to the Job Center/Unemployment Office and who doesn’t benefit from compensation: certificate from the Job Center.
  • Other documents can be asked by the CROUS to prove specific situations.

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