Processing of the file


You must respect the required period for the creation of the DSE and for the return of the file and supporting documents to reduce as much as possible the processing time. The lateness of the document’s transmission delays not only the application processing but also the whole process of the file’s validation.



Between the 15th of January and the 31th of May

The student starts his online application

2 to 15 days later

A file is sent by email to the student (copy of the application)

Within a week

The student returns the complete file

In the following month after the reception of the complete file

The CROUS processes the application and send an answer to the student by email

In the following month after the reception of the complete file

The student receives by email a conditional notification of scholarship and/or accommodation granting or a rejection notice

June to October

The student registers in a higher education establishment

June to October

The student or his/her university confirms to the CROUS the registration proof

From September: depending on the final registration proofs received

The CROUS sends to the student a final notification of scholarship awarding
The CROUS puts in motion the payment of the scholarship (online validation on the Board of Education’s server)
The revenue office makes the bank transfer

During the first school semester

The student receives his scholarship

Non merci

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