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The scholarship notification is based on the information given in your student social file (DSE). This file is passed to you by email as an attached document. You can also download this document on your CROUS website by using your username (INE) on this address:

The notification sent before the confirmation of a registration in a higher education institution is always conditional. However it can be useful as it allows you to be exonerated from the payments of the tuition and social security’s subscription. If your file is not complete, the CROUS will still send you a notification to let you know which documents you have to provide. When you send these missing documents don’t forget to return as well a copy of the notification that the CROUS can identify you more easily.

The notification only becomes final when the CROUS receives the registration proof. If your situation changes during the university year, a new notification will be sent by the CROUS replacing and canceling the previous one.


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