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The university service of preventive medicine and health-promoting (SUMPPS) is a free medical service accessible to all the university students. It proposes a free student medical check-up. The preventive medicine services have a medical and paramedical team listening to your health problems, making certain vaccinations, bringing a psychological support in association with psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. The consultations with the specialists on appointments are also free: nutritionist, smoking cessation specialist, gynaecologist …

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About health : the ameli-sante.fr website informs you about numerous themes. From A to Z, it guides you and explains you the origins, the symptoms, the treatments and the ways to protect you from most of the common diseases. The ameli-santé.fr website helps you to act for your health from reliable and scientifically validated information. Videos, quiz games and individual offers in support.

About the care offer: the ameli-direct.fr website allows you to find the address and phone number of healthcare professionals or establishments. It allows you to anticipate your healthcare costs before to consult by informing you about the prices of either the doctor or establishment, and about the possible excess fees they can require. The fees are displayed as well as the Health Insurance refunds to compare.


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