Optional extra health care cover


  • If you wish to obtain repayments superior to social security rates ones, you can take out an additional cover proposed by mutual organisations, provident institutes or insurance companies. This contract is optional. Read their documentation to know the amount of contributions and the additional refunds.
  • If your budget does not allow you to have an additional healthcare cover, assistance is possible (link with the leaflet “I ask for health expenses assistance ” to benefit from ceiling amounts regularly updated by the Health insurance): they depend on your situation and resources. They can take the shape of a free additional healthcare cover (the CMUC) or of a reduction of 200 euros (ACS) on your contributions and an exemption of expenses paid in advance for the medical consultations realized in the framework of the coordinated healthcare circuit, on the part taken care of by the student social security. Download both obligatory forms to constitute your application file (Form 1 Form 2).These forms include all the information to fill your file in and they allow the Health Insurance Office (Caisse d’assurance maladie) to study your right to get an assistance from the CMUC or ACS from a single file. A simulator is also available: it indicates you in a few clicks if you are eligible for one of these assistances : simulator.


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